Birth keeper Bo

My name is Bo Fliers and I am a birth keeper. It’s my path to preserve psychological, physiological, instinctual childbirth as one of the most magical, intense, uplifting and grounding events in a woman’s life. It’s my duty to change the way women of all ages and backgrounds view childbirth.

Doing so, requires illustrating birth as something a woman can and always has done. This primal wisdom never leaves her, she must simply remember and recognize it. After all, it is our own birthright to do this the way we want to.

In our society of ever increasing technology and science, I feel it is my passion and duty to remind women to trust this inner power of birthing, while gently guiding the path, as I have also traveled it myself. While every woman knows deep within her how to give birth, it is a very personal and unique experience. I honour that uniqueness and encourage each mother to establish what her ideal birth looks like. I do this by maintaining and promoting her vision by having clear communication within the entire health care circle, teaching and practicing relaxation and coping techniques, exploring personal fears and desires, and answering questions surrounding pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Born and raised in

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I believe birth is a huge part of a woman’s life that extends to those around her, and radiates out into the community. It is not just about a healthy baby, I’m striving to help along a revolution of strong women who take back birth, reduce birth trauma and disappointment, and experience a joyful transition into motherhood in any kind of birth way. 

Having access to loving, unconditional support can make your childbirth goals not only achievable, but memorable for a lifetime. After all, have you ever met a woman who doesn’t remember her birth story? I’ll be honoured to write this together.