What is a Doula

As your birth doula it is my role to help, prepare and educate you, for a positive powerful and informed psychological/physiological birth experience. If you have a birth vision, or would like help establishing one, my mission is helping to realise that vision through my knowledge and sharing this with you.

How to unlock your inner primal strength and intuition of birth?

I will inform you about:

  • informed consent in the regular healthcare system
  • help you find your voice
  • support your individual childbirth goals
  • write your birth wishes
  • practice and discuss relaxation techniques

During the life changing process of becoming a family, your birth partner(s) will also receive continuous, gentle guidance in order to assist you and feel fully involved.


First we will meet each other during a non-committal intake. We will chat about your wishes and what you expect from me as your doula. I will tell you what I can do for you and what you can expect from me.

During your pregnancy we will meet three times before giving labor to get to know one another through establishing your ideal birth and working towards making it possible.We will create a birth plan while you simultaneously research your birth options. Usually these appointments vary in what you need at that moment but to give an idea what will come up: discuss your goals, fears, desires past experiences, informed consent,  ailments, and discuss solutions while practicing relaxation, coping methods, acupressure (also for the birth partner to learn), rebozo and other techniques. These appointments will take about 2 hours.

When labour starts you will let me know and we’ll discuss when I will join the process. When this happens, I am there to support you from the beginning until the end of the birth of your baby.

Postpartum visits usually take place within the first two weeks after birth. After you are settled in we schedule a meeting time and I come to check in on how you are feeling and how your transition into motherhood is going; I will provide you with a complementary postpartum kit and we will talk about your birth experience. There’s a possibility to encapsule your placenta if desired so (see placenta page for explanation),  in this case I will meet you within two days after birth when it’s prepared. So we can spread the postpartum visit over 2 times.

Why should you consider a Doula?

Doulas have been around since centuries; in fact, the term “doula” stems from an old ‘Greek’ word for servant and was designated to the experienced women who devoted their time, energy, and intuitive knowledge of childbirth to laboring women in their community. Through the use of gentle encouragement, soothing verbal guidance and touch, doulas provide labor support that promotes successful physiological childbirth. Doulas are trained to listen to the needs and philosophies of the birthing woman, making their service unique to each and every woman they serve.

I believe that women assisting women emotionally, through the empowering passage of labor and birth, is instinctive and important. Especially since childbirth is now widely accepted as a medical event that primarily takes place inside of hospitals, there is an increasing need to go back to our roots and what we know works best. Women deserve labor support from a doula who is neutral, gentle and is not affiliated with or under the new moms medical care providers or direct family members.

We do not work for your medical doctor, we work for you; our service greatly compliments medical professionals by allowing them to focus on the physical health of you and your baby.

Our support is emotional, spiritual, and educational. This creates a well-balanced health care circle or “team.” This is how we can improve modern maternity care and help women define and achieve their best birth.

Birth partner

Today, doulas also play a very important role in teaching fathers/birth partners how to provide emotional support for their pregnant spouses. We focus a part of the time drawing upon the strengths of a woman’s birth partner, while teaching them different labor coping skills. It is more common than ever for fathers/birth partners to be present during childbirth in this day and age, so it’s only appropriate that doulas work to educate and promote their presence. In other words, a birthing mother is not the only one who benefits from a doula. Support is extended to the birth partner, who in turn further enhances his/her spouses birthing experience.

Advantages of having a Doula

  • Fewer cesarean sections
  • Shorter Labors
  • Fewer births assisted by forceps/vacuum
  • Decreased use of synthetic oxytocin
  • Fewer epidurals (which leads to fewer interventions in itself!)
  • Fewer mother’s who use pain medications
  • Greater maternal satisfaction
  • Greater breastfeeding outcomes
  • Fewer incidents of postpartum depression
  • Less birth trauma