The Seven Elements of Pregnancy


~ Deepening through remembrance, embodiment, and presence using the medicine wheel ~

We will take you on a 7-week journey into the medicine wheel of the inner realms of yourself and pregnancy. It is important to notice this is not a pregnancy course; we will deepen into the layers of our inner being, navigating with our own inner compasses, connecting to the elements of life and all that IS. Sinking deeper into our pelvis, raising body awareness while gently guiding the path of inner wisdom and infinite trust. While weaving a web together with our hearts, open up the circle, and holding the space for one another we ask for your dedication to work in your inner realms going through each element.

~Week 1: EARTH/PHYSICAL~ Making contact with our pelvis and our birthright.
~Week 2: WIND/MENTAL~ How are you in contact with yourself, your pregnancy and your child to born?
~Week 3: WATER/EMOTIONAL ~ Grief comes during mourning. Mourning is a process of bereavement. But how do we actually grief?
~Week 4: FIRE/SPIRITUAL ~ Ancestor ritual. Connecting and cleaning of the female bloodline.
~Week 5: COSMOS/ENERGETIC ~ Sexuality and birth
~Week 6: PACHA MAMA/ANCIENT MOTHER ~ Intention, visualizations, affirmations & prayers. How do you see and feel your perfect birth?
~Week 7: CENTER/SOURCE ~ This meeting will be together with your partner. Divine feminine and masculine. Holding space for inquiry and your holy marriage within. Closing ceremony.

Dates and times:

29/4: 20:00-21:30 pm
6/5: 20:00-21:30 pm
13/5: 20:00-21:30 pm
20/5: 20:00-21:30 pm
27/5: 20:00-21:30 pm
3/6: 20:00-21:30 pm
10/6: 20:00-22:00 pm

**INVESTMENT: 196,- EUROS. Your place is confirmed after the payment. You can send an email to: for more information**

There will be space for 9 sisters in the circle and a Zoom meeting invitation to join. Zoom is an online program that enables us to virtually come together. It is helpful to download the program in advance:
– This online course is only for pregnant women
– We ask you to have a journal, a pen, colored pencils or crayons
– We ask you to create a little altar before every session together
– We work with a weekly ‘homeplay’ (something to do at home) to integrate the element into your own process.
– We ask for your dedication, openness, and willingness to expand and share together in our processes.
– We will also open up a (private) facebook-group to connect and share with one another.
We wish you to embrace your love and softness by adoring yourself. Encourage to face everything and follow your movement in showing up by having courage. LOVE that is creative, in TRUST that everything comes to you when you’re ready for it, in SURRENDER to embrace this silence. Holding space for each other is to allow your inner self to embrace the innate wisdom and depth from one another. Then the real meeting by heart can happen.
Much love from our heart to yours ❤

Rebozo Closing the Bones Workshop

Temple Bodywork Massage Course

A holistic way of bodywork with Healing Hands of Light

Temple bodywork training is for those who like to learn to give bodywork/ massage that is deep, rejuvenating, ltoving, healing, releasing and is complete, giving a sense of wholeness in connection to our heart and spirit

Energetically we connect and learn to understand about the body, the muscles, the skeletal structure, the meridians, through opening up, listening, feeling, through reading with our heart and through experience. 

This training is to awaken and strengthen our super powers, our higher sensorial perception.

Technique on deep tissue and deep flow is given as a foundation of the Temple bodywork

We guide how to strengthen our connection to higher guidance.

In this training we give teachings on how to work with activated Healing Hands of Light 


With Questions & bookings: (

Date 7, 8, 9 June in Zeist – The Netherlands

Each day we start at 10.00hr – we finish at 17.00 hr

Full price €640,- (incl. training/oil/lunch)

Early bird price € 595,- by May 7th

Limited spaces available

Remembering Birth Within